Books by D.M. Cain

D.M. Cain writes epic fantasy books which combine elements of Brandon Sanderson’s world-building, Suzanne Collins’ exploration of morality and Terry Brooks’ complex characters.

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The Light and Shadow Chronicles series – an epic, immersive fantasy world

The Light and Shadow Chronicles: A Chronicle of Chaos (A dark, epic fantasy book in an immersive world)

A Chronicle of Chaos multiple formats image

Chaos and Anathema – two souls inexplicably drawn to one another. They may come from entirely different worlds, but when thrown together they will cause an epic conflict that could tear the world in two. When the forces of Heaven and Hell collide, where will their loyalties lie?

A roller-coaster fantasy with epic battles, mind-blowing magic and a heart-wrenching love story. Amazon Reviewer

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The Light and Shadow Chronicles: The Shield of Soren (An epic and immersive fantasy tale)

The Shield of Soren - fantasy covers

It appears that an age-old prophecy is finally coming to pass, and Soren and his family must take a perilous journey deep into their enemy’s land. Does Soren have what it takes to save his country before the virus destroys everyone and everything he loves?

What an amazing journey the author leads you on! With remarkable characters, a sensational and catchy story line, and a captivating ending you won’t want the story to endAmazon reviewer

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The Light and Shadow Chronicles: Genesis of Light (An epic and immersive fantasy novella)

Genesis of Light - epic fantasy

Warring countries, fantastical creatures, beings of terrible power and journeys of epic scale. The legendary Book of Alcherys tells wild and unimaginable stories. But they are not mere fairy tales. They are true, every word.

The beginning of a fantasy epic. Learn where it all began in this prequel novella from The Light and Shadow Chronicles.

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Stand-alone books:

The Phoenix Project – winner of the Kindle Book Review Sci-fi Award 2016 (A dark, psychological dystopian thriller)

The Phoenix Project - dystopian psychological thriller

In a brutal prison where inmates fight to the death, Raven cannot forgive himself for the terrible crime that landed him in prison. If he wants to survive, he must learn to overcome his own self-hatred. But how can you fight to the death, when you’ve given up on life?

Powerful, intelligent and undoubtedly thought provoking, The Phoenix Project heralds the arrival of an exciting new literary voice. BookViral

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Soren (A middle-grade epic fantasy adventure)

Soren by D.M. Cain - middle-grade fantasy adventure

Soren should be training to become a soldier, but he is more interested in causing trouble with his trusty fox cub, Dash. When one of Soren and Dash’s mischievous adventures goes wrong, they unleash a deadly virus. It appears that an age-old prophecy is finally coming to pass, and Soren and his family must take a perilous journey deep into their enemy’s land.

Can Soren fulfill his destiny or will the virus destroy him first?

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The End (A thrilling short story)

The End by D.M. Cain - a thrilling short story

Wayne Dixon, a middle-aged bachelor, is cursed by voices echoing inside his head. They tell him that soon the world will end. It is his duty to the human race to tell as many people as possible that the end is approaching, but nobody will listen to him.

As the end gets nearer, will he convince them to join him or will they all be doomed?


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