The Ballad of Benedict

I am currently writing the first draft of a new book in The Light and Shadow Chronicles series, The Ballad of Benedict. This full-length novel follows a young man in the Children of Light who is not a warrior, but a diplomat. Serving as an ambassador of Alcherys he is sent to a faraway land not yet touched by the effects of the war, to learn their ways and integrate into their society.

The Ballad of Benedict has been a great writing experience, although it has taken a very long time to complete due to circumstances in my personal life. The action starts off in Alcherys, but then we move to an entirely new country – the beautiful, forested nation of Thos.

Benedict Thialdor himself is a very different character to others I have written. He is sweet, talkative, friendly and a little naive, but genuinely good at heart. The situation he is walking into, however, will truly test the limits of his character.

The first draft of this novel is in progress and will hopefully be completed in 2020 and released in 2021.


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