How Brandon Sanderson changed my outlook on writing

I recently read a great piece of advice from one of my favourite authors, Brandon Sanderson, and it has completely revolutionized the way I look at my work. He said that you shouldn’t aim to be an author who wrote a great book, you should aim to be a great author.

I took this to mean that you should nurture yourself as a writer, put time and effort into your craft and your personal development, as you would undergo training and professional development in any career. Because of this, I am now putting a lot of time and effort into improving my craft. I am taking courses on worldbuilding, character development and writing dialogue, as well as closely studying some of the greatest authors I know (Sanderson’s courses and advice being the main source of knowledge!). And I’m loving it! I’m already changing the way I write and altering my perspective on building a series.

Brandon Sanderson writing advice quote

So, I want to know, which authors have inspired or motivated you? Who has given good advice or tips to help you develop your craft?

How to Write Believable Sci-Fi Characters

A fantastic guide on writing believable characters, and lots of handy tips for improving your protagonists or antagonists.

How to Write Believable Sci-Fi Characters
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#Writestorm – a concept that changed my entire philosophy about writing


Yesterday, I downloaded the book ‘Writestorm’ by Andy Mengel and I read it cover to cover in one sitting.  

I was so inspired.

Andy’s experiences with writing his early books were exactly the same way I wrote The Phoenix Project. It took me ten years and I would write huge amounts one day, then literally leave it for five or six months, doing nothing at all. My next book, A Chronicle of Chaos, only took 3 years, and my latest – The Shield of Soren, 1.5 years. So it’s getting better.  

But since Andy introduced the concept of Writestorm into our group, my whole writing ethic has been completely transformed. In two months I have written 30,000+ words – all entirely through Writestorm sessions.

Something he talks about in the book really resonated with me. I want to be a doer now, not just a dreamer. I’m ready to stop this being a little hobby and make it into a proper career now.  

If you haven’t read Writestorm yet – do it. NOW. I promise it will revolutionise the way you look at writing a novel.  

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